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Перевод слова poet.

A poet is someone who writes poetry.

See the dictionary meaning. Poets have been charming people with their words ever since Orpheus sang his way to Hades and back. … A poet is a writer who regularly publishes poems, but a poet can also be anyone who uses language creatively. Try it! The root of poet can be traced back to the Greek poein, «to make.» Some poets write in carefully metered, rhyming lines, while others compose looser prose poems or «free verse,» and the very best poets convey something that’s essential or true. Poetry has a long history, dating back to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. … The use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony and other stylistic elements of poetic diction often leaves a poem open to multiple interpretations. Similarly figures of speech such as metaphor, simile and metonymy[4] create a resonance between otherwise disparate images—a layering of meanings , forming connections previously not perceived. Kindred forms of resonance may exist, between individual verses, in their patterns of rhyme or rhythm. Перевод слова poet , американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования. … Poets ‘ Corner — а) «Уголок поэтов» (часть Вестминстерского аббатства, где похоронены выдающиеся поэты); б) шутл. отдел поэзии (в газете). — возвыш. мастер слова, кисти и т. п. Мои примеры.

Meaning of poet.

‘Arab poets wrote better romantic poetry than Rimbaud and Verlaine as long ago as the tenth century.’ ‘Picturing the unknown, they acted like novelists or poets , inviting readers to imagine hidden worlds.’ ‘During the nineteenth century almost all poets wrote poetry in dramatic form.’ ‘The poet is trying to write a poem but he does not know what he is trying to say until he has said it and recognised it.’ ‘Novelists, poets and playwrights all see such biographers as parasites.’ The Poetry of Kevin Davies___(ragline)___Kurdish Globe: Reflections of a Kurdish poet —Part III___(ragline)___Kurdish Globe: Reflections of a Kurdish poet —Part II___(ragline)___Kurdish Globe: Reflections of a Kurdish poet —Part I___(ragline)___The Gonzaga Bulletin: Li-young Lee: exterminator, restaurateur and poet ___(ragline)___. … As a poet , pure and simple, as a refined verse maker in all directions, Mr. Dunbar… See the dictionary meaning , pronunciation, and sentence examples. … Origin of poet . Middle English from Old French poete from Latin poēta from Greek poiētēs maker, composer from poiein to create kwei-2 in Indo-European roots. Sentence Examples. We shall all be proud and happy to welcome our poet friend. I had made my beloved poet weep, and I was greatly distressed. I had a lovely letter from the poet Whittier. What does POET mean ? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: POET . Filter by: Select category from list… ────────── All Community (1) Electronics (1) Engineering (2) Psychology (1) Educational (3) Software (2) Technology (3) Environmental (1) Physiology (2) Manufacturing (1) Unclassified (8).

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Meaning of poet . What does poet mean ? Information and translations of poet in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. … Definitions for poet ˈpoʊ ɪtpo·et. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word poet . Princeton’s WordNet(3.67 / 3 votes)Rate this definition: poet (noun). a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry ). Wiktionary(1.00 / 2 votes)Rate this definition: poet (Noun). A person who writes poems. POET meaning is Populamion, Organization, Environment, and Technology and other full form of POET definition take part in below table. There are 40 different meaning of POET acronym in the table which are compilation of POET abbreviation such as Organization, Sociology, Institution etc. terminologies. poet meaning , definition, what is poet : someone who writes poems: Learn more. … The dreams of nineteenth-century poets polluted the psychic atmosphere of the great boroughs and suburbs of New York.• Use of the name was, in fact, standard for female poets .• It is a chapter commenting on the differences between recent poets and poets of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.• With his teachers he salvaged from oblivion many of the Swahili poets , notably the Mombasa poet , Bwana Muyaka.• POET Meaning : «one endowed with the gift and power of imaginative invention and creation, attended by corresponding… See definitions of poet . … poet (n.) «one endowed with the gift and power of imaginative invention and creation, attended by corresponding eloquence of expression, commonly but not necessarily in a metrical form» [Century Dictionary, 1895], early 14c., «a poet , an author of metrical compositions; one skilled in the art of making poetry ; a singer» (c. 1200 as a surname), from Old French poete.

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poet definition in English dictionary, poet meaning , synonyms, see also ‘ poet .’, poet laureate’,Cavalier poets ‘,Lake Poets ‘. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary. … 1 a person who writes poetry . 2 a person with great imagination and creativity (C13: from Latin poeta, from Greek poietes maker, poet , from poiein to make). poet . abbrev. for. 1 poetic (al). 2 poetry . Poet definition, a person who composes poetry . See more. … POEMS syndrome, poenology, poep, poepol, poesy, poet , poetaster, poetess, poetic , poeticism, poeticize. Definition for poet (2 of 2). poet . abbreviation. poetic . a person who composes poetry . a person who has the gift of poetic thought, imagination, and creation, together with eloquence of expression. poet . Pronunciation: [key]. poetic . poetical . poetry . Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.